Made by Chefs for Chefs

Traiteur de Paris, a manufacturer of Premium frozen pastries, cakes, sweet treats and cooked vegetables, has only one ambition: to offer you the best of its traditional craftsmanship 100% made in France. Our ranges of products are available to those seeking premium French products.

Food Service Expert

French cuisine is unmissable in all four corners of the world. We have developed partnerships with many chefs and have built up a network of more than 600 food distributors throughout the world. Take advantage of our teams’ expertise and join our network of catering professionals.

Between tradition and modernity, Traiteur de Paris is particularly famous for the excellence of its sweet petits fours. The talent of our pastry chefs and our head chefs is also regularly rewarded for the quality of our catering products. In fact, as the result of rigorous selection of raw materials we make top-of-the-range frozen products available to catering professionals, with exceptional recipes for desserts and cooked vegetables.

Made by Chefs for Chefs

Made in France

3 production workshops located in Brittany and Normandy, with 550 staff members.

Here for you

Local consultants to support and understand you better.

Traditional craftsmanship

25 years of experience in services to catering professionals.

Optimal logistics

Take advantage of our permanent stock with 99.6% availability throughout the world.

Commercial catering

Traiteur de Paris, a food service expert for the hotel industry and commercial catering and the traditional restaurant industry for nearly 25 years has, across the years, become an international benchmark brand. Indeed, we made our name with frozen products that are greatly liked by chefs and catering professionals.

Traiteur de Paris, sticking with the French culinary tradition, today takes its place as an expert in outside catering. For this reason we offer a range of frozen products that live up to the expectations of hotels and restaurants throughout the world. In its desire to supply commercial catering with suitable products, Traiteur de Paris has progressively varied its ranges to offer a wide range of frozen recipes. So our products are adapted to the constraints of the hotel industry and catering, and also for room service with speedy preparation.

Institutional catering

Are you managing a cafeteria in a school, a care home or a company restaurant? Traiteur de Paris will support you in composing balanced menus or tray meals for institutional catering. Because of our large range of frozen products and our production capacity of over a million items per day, we deliver throughout Europe in less than 2 days and several times per week.

Onboard catering

As a partner and foodservice expert for onboard catering, our frozen products are completely suitable for use in in-flight catering and also for rail and sea (cruises, ferries, etc.) onboard catering. Our chefs have specially designed frozen products that are easy to prepare, while offering flawless visuals and flavors. Today, more than 30 airlines, rail and shipping companies have put their trust in Traiteur de Paris.

As a supplier and specialist foodservice for catering and onboard catering, our chefs take special care with tastes, textures and suitable formats to meet your specific space and basis weight constraints for tray meals. Packagings are carefully thought out for you to save time and limit overcrowding in storage areas.

Superb collaboration

We support our clients locally in more than 60 countries. You will have the advantage of a single contact, to listen to you and give advice.

Traiteur de Paris - Food Wholesaler

Catering professionals, we understand your constraints, which is why we are able to support you every day.

Customizable or ready to serve frozen products?

Whether you are looking for a turnkey product or you want to add your personality to it, we have the solution for you: products that are easy for everyone to use, a selection of “instant” products for preparation on demand. Limit your losses by only defrosting the required quantities. Benefit from a guaranteed margin, because of controlled portion costs. Our Premium products have an extended secondary shelf life Indeed, our ranges of frozen products are designed to be adapted to their method of consumption.

Traiteur de Paris today

Every day more than 550 staff members, chefs and pastry chefs, prepare our recipes in our workshops in Brittany and Normandy. As a result of the deep-freezing technique, we export this French expertise throughout the world

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