Are you looking for a Food Service distributor for frozen foods? Whether you’re a caterer, restaurant owner, hotelier or other food industry professional, we can link you up with a distributor near you.  As experts in the home delivery industry, we offer all restaurant professionals a wide range of pastries, desserts, sweet petit fours, and side dishes as part of our food service. 

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Food service frozen food manufacturer

As Food Service professionals, Traiteur de Paris brings you over 25 years’ worth of expertise in premium frozen foods. Traiteur de Paris has been a first class supplier for catering professionals since 1996. The home delivery sector has evolved immensely as a result of the pandemic and consumer expectations. New technological developments have seen the rise of new types of catering, such as the Dark Kitchen. Traditional restaurants need to adapt and offer takeaway products. Over the years, Traiteur de Paris has honed its expertise in supporting the whole commercial catering and Food Service sector.

Our frozen food service ranges

Catering professionals will be quickly won over by our range of premium frozen Food Service products!

  • Catering products, including sweet petit fours
  • Desserts and frozen pastries, including cheesecakes, chocolate fondants and delicious, fruity desserts
  • La Bakery snacks
  • Accompaniments, such as gratins

For Catering Professionals

Catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris


We offer numerous trays of sweet petits fours which lend themselves perfectly to event catering. In fact, our sweet treats will easily embellish a cocktail party buffet for a wedding, a seminar or any other event organized by a caterer.

Commercial catering

This line, demanding good quality and aesthetics for our products, is a complete range of Premium frozen products that we make available to professionals in commercial catering and the traditional restaurant industry. Our recipes are also the fruit of proven traditional craftsmanship and rigorous selection of raw materials.

Commercial catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris
Hotel industry catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris

Hotel industry catering

See our lines of cakes and pastries and petits fours, perfect for enriching your menus. Room service or table service, complete your menu easily with frozen products; some are quick to prepare and require no additional presentation.

Take-out catering

Methods of consumption change quickly and the market share of take-out catering increases every year. Traiteur de Paris meets this need for speed perfectly with its frozen products that are ready to serve in just a few minutes. See our products designed to complete your snack line.

Take-out catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris
Onboard catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris

Onboard catering

Whether by air, rail or sea, onboard catering is growing rapidly. However, it is also subject to many constraints linked to supply and storage. For this reason our frozen products for catering are designed for speedy preparation and risk-free storage.

Coffee shop and Bakery

Coffee shop corporate names must offer a Bakery line compatible with the take-out market and eat-in catering. The versatility of our Bakery products makes it possible to meet these two catering types. Find more details about our products dedicated to La Bakery and coffee shops.

Coffee shop and Bakery Food Service - Traiteur de Paris
Institutional catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris

Institutional catering

Traiteur de Paris, an experienced foodservice expert, serves institutional catering. In fact, the ease of preparing our cooked vegetables and desserts makes it possible to provide fast service and elegant presentation. In addition, the Food Service packaging enables optimum control of portion costs.

Fast food catering

Fast food catering is subject to burdensome time constraints and requires great efficiency. We offer you a range of products with almost instantaneous preparation that is perfect for fast food catering professionals.  It is also a major asset in reducing food waste.

Fast food catering Food Service - Traiteur de Paris
Dark Kitchen - Traiteur de Paris USA

Dark Kitchen

Do you want to open a dark kitchen, or does your business already have one? Traiteur de Paris is here to help! Our patisserie and premium catering products are the perfect match for your dark kitchen. 

The benefits of our frozen food service products

Our premium pastries and frozen catering products are easy to transport and can be eaten on the go. In addition, we have a wide range of plated desserts for table service. Our products are also perfect for fast food restaurants. Quick to prepare, with a controlled portion cost, they are the perfect solution for our customers. What’s more, our original, yet traditionally made pastries and high end catering products will provide added value to your menu. Make the most of wholesale and bulk packaging discounts through our network of Food Service distributors. Our creations can be presented traditionally, with a modern twist, or with a more elaborate custom decoration — the choice is yours!

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