Commercial catering

Traiteur de Paris is there for all commercial catering professionals. As the result of rigorous selection of our raw materials and proven expertise we are able to offer premium frozen products to complete restaurant menus.

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Expert in outside catering

Traiteur de Paris, a food manufacturer recognized by commercial catering professionals, has become a benchmark name in outside catering. In fact, we support all commercial catering professionals. It is the practicality and the quality of our frozen products which has made Traiteur de Paris an essential player in outside catering.

Products designed for you

Varied recipes and a wide range of premium frozen products in Food Service.

Food Manufacturer For Commercial Catering

We make more than a million items in our production workshops in La Guerche de Bretagne and Fécamp (Normandy). Sweet petits fours, cooked vegetables, pastries, cakes and desserts are all on the menu in our lines of frozen products. The expertise and rigor of Traiteur de Paris are two qualities that have been recognized since 2007 with Higher Level IFS (Food) and BRC (Food) certifications.

Made by Chefs for Chefs

Made in France

3 production workshops located in Brittany and Normandy, with 550 staff members.

Here for you

Local consultants to understand you better and support you.

Traditional craftsmanship

25 years of experience in services for catering professionals.

Optimal logistics

Take advantage of our permanent stock with 99.6% availability throughout the world.

Traditional restaurant industry

As experts in outside catering, we are very aware of the problems in the traditional restaurant industry. For this reason we design and create frozen products that are easy for traditional restaurant industry professionals to prepare. In fact, many premium frozen products may be served quickly or are easily accompanied for a more elaborate presentation.

Our Food Service catalog makes it possible to meet the different expectations of French and international restaurateurs. Don’t wait! Make Traiteur de Paris your food manufacturer and expert in outside catering.

Food supplier for catering

For more than 25 years Traiteur de Paris has provided support for catering professionals. Indeed, Traiteur de Paris offers turnkey solutions for diversifying your menus and the menus of your gastronomic or traditional restaurant. As a food manufacturer we use our experience in the various types of catering to become your partner for tomorrow.

We have chosen deep freezing which enables restaurateurs, caterers or hoteliers to be agile. Effectively this storage method limits food waste and facilitates storage. It also enables catering professionals to control portion cost better and to guarantee faultless food safety.

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