Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses

Our Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses with their intense color enable a meal or a cocktail party to be finished with a dash of freshness. In fact, these little glasses are always much appreciated and offer time savings for the caterers and event organizers. You can also use them as an accompaniment for coffee with dessert.

A well designed frozen Food Service product, created just for you.

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Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses

Our Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses, small but elegant, are a perfect finish for your receptions and cocktails. The Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses are embellished with successive layers of different textures, so that there is a real explosion of flavors in the mouth.

  • 9 Chocolate amuse-bouche glasses (chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse and cocoa sauce, white chocolate shavings)
  • 9 Lemon meringue amuse-bouche glasses (crumble, lemon mousse, meringue, semi-confit lemon zest)
  • 9 Tiramisu-style amuse-bouche glasses (biscuit soaked in coffee, mascarpone mousse, Chantilly cream, cocoa powder).
  • 9 Vanilla and raspberry amuse-bouche glasses (biscuit soaked in raspberry syrup, vanilla-flavored sabayon, raspberry jelly, raspberry and chopped pistachios)
Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses

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The Recipe For Sweet Amuse-Bouche Glasses

The classic flavors (chocolate, lemon meringue, Tiramisu-style and raspberry vanilla) have been carefully chosen by the Traiteur de Paris chefs to achieve varied tastes which will please the greatest number of your guests.

These high quality little glasses are easy to eat and ready to serve with their small spoons. They will allow you to diversify your buffets and certainly save time.

Technical and logistical information

Product code: 000007
Best before date: 547 days
Sell-by date: 180 days
Use-by date after defrosting: 1 day between 0 and 4°C (32° and 39°F)
Packaging: 36 items of 30 g (1.05 oz)
Box dimensions: 390 x 296 x 62 mm (15.35 x 11.65 x 2.44 in)
Palletization: 192 or 240 cases

Made in France

Preparation advice

Remove the cling film and leave to defrost for 4 h at 4°C (39°F).

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